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Museum Monday: The New York Times features artists Robert Irwin and James Turrell on the occasion of their small but powerful exhibition at the Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza in Varese, Italy. The exhibition includes James Turrell’s new immersive installation Sight Unseen, which produces the feeling of floating inside a cloud, as well as Robert Irwin’s Varese Portal Room, which evokes his fascination with perception and reality. The exhibition, entitled Aisthesis: The Origin of Sensations, takes its cue from the ancient Greek word for “feeling” and continues through November 2. 

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bosnian artist fuad arifhodzic’s wistful watercolors of sarajevo (top 2) and istanbul. (via)

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You’re weird but I like you.

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#plague #videogames #steam I killed everyone with a bacteria called Cable TV

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Here’s a little EP we put together :3. It was mixed and mastered and all that. We’re also working on an album with newer material! 

#eggs #pre-chicken #jamaicanpeppers #tomatoes this was beyond hot ♨️ so good ☺️

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